The Gray Matters Client Experience


Via our marketing efforts, website, or referrals from existing and past clients, a potential client engages us for advice. This document’s purpose is to provide guidelines for members that will best ensure a successful engagement with the client.

Client Experience Process:

  1. Inquiry received from the Gray Matters website. If a member is contacted separately, the client is asked to fill out and submit their request on the website.
  2. Based on the client’s need, a team of two is selected to visit the client.   The purpose of the visit is to meet the client face to face and understand the organization’s mission, organizational structure and budget and to convey to the client Gray Matters long term commitment following initial project completion. At the meeting, one or more client service needs will be identified and prioritized with the client, but not committed to at that time.
    It is important for GM members to bear in mind that most not-for-profits are underfunded and understaffed and therefore might not be able to deal with all of their needs at one time. This makes prioritizing essential. The team will issue a short report to all Gray Matters members for information and recommendations.
  3. If the Gray Matters team do not themselves have the skills to meet the client’s prioritized needs, they will discuss the priority need with other members and agree on the project responsibility. The lead person notifies the client (by phone if possible) and begins the work. The lead person adds the client information to the database and updates progress until the work is complete. The work is done via a combination of face to face meetings, teleconferences and email selected to best serve the project.
  4. Either or both the initial intake team or project leader will periodically contact the client to determine if Gray Matters can be of further help. This is additionally an opportunity for referrals to other potential clients. In principal, we maintain our relationship indefinitely.


Client Experience Process Breakdown

  • Website Form
  • Designate Two Person Team
  • Interview Client
    • Organization Background
    • Current Priority
    • Issue Brief Report to Gray Matters Members
Lead Project
  • Recruit Project Manager
  • Add to Client Database
  • Project Execution
    • Initial Face to Face Meeting
    • Email and Phone Meetings
    • Close Out
Follow Through
  • Team and/or Project Manager Periodic Updates
    • General Advice
    • New Project Opportunities
    • New Client Referrals