Gray Matters NYC

Organizations We Have Helped

Adaptive Design Association, Inc.
Our help: Board development

Americans for UNFPA
Our help: Revised reports to the Board of Directors revised for better understanding.

Arab American Family Support Center
Our help: Strategic planning, Board of Directors organization, fund raising.

Bronx Early College Academy
Our help: Coaching litigation team.

Broadway Housing
Our help: Board development, financing, fund raising, legal, accounting, management, real estate, development of education programs, museum, grant writing.

Brooklyn Community Pride Center
Our help: Organizational development.

Brooklyn Arts Exchange
Our help: Fund raising, marketing.

Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Center
Our help: Assistance in bank finance, accounting, medical operations, affiliation with large teaching hospital.

Business Outreach Centers Network
Our help: Strategic planning.

Common Ground Community
Our help: Legal, commercial space utilization, contacts in city government.

Committee for Hispanic Children
Our help: Strategic planning.

Our help: Legal documentation, real estate, contacts in government.

Continuing Legal Education
Our help: Strategic planning.

CUNY Law School
Our help: Corporate governance and advice. Served on Board of Directors and Chaired Nominating Committee, advice on real estate, assistance with Pipeline for Justice Program, meetings with Generation School students.

Community Legal Resource Network
Our help: Mentoring and legal advice.

Effective Alternative in Reconciliation Services (EARS)
Our help: Strategic planning, legal, Board of Directors advice.

Educational Video Center
Our help: Connections with other CBO's, Board of Directors advice.

Friends of Island Academy
Our help: Strategic planning.

Generation Schools
Our help: Expanded their network of teachers, students and professionals in areas of human rights, architecture, medicine, law, education, media, museums urban advocacy, marketing.

Girls Incorporated of New York City Our help: Management issues, research.

Global Information Network
Our help: Legal and tax advice

Gotham Center of NYC History
Our help: Strategic planning.

Handcrafting Justice
Our help: Selection and implementation of inventory software and marketing.

Hospital Audiences
Our help: Serve on Board of Directors, assist with management changes.

Immigrant Defense Project (IDP)
Our help: Legal advice.

Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement House
Our help: Administration, finance, marketing, human relations.

Learning Leaders
Our help: School literary leaders volunteer

Legal Outreach
Our help: Architectural design, auditing, teaching, legal advice.

Lincoln Center Institute
Our help: Architecture, intellectual property.

Nepperhan Community Center, Inc.
Our help: Architecture.

Partnership for Afterschool Education
Our help: Mission message development, fund raising, marketing.

Qualitas of Life Foundation
Our help: Strategy for growth

Our help: Collaboration on joint projects.

Sunnyside Community Service
Our help: Architectural advice on real estate project.

Teachers & Writers Collaborative
Our help: Creative writing assistance, financial planning.

The Climate Group
Our help: management organization and personnel development.

The List Project
Our help: Advice on fund raising and contacts in the legal fraternity.

Union Settlement
Our help: Assistance in design and implementation of conversion of defined benefit plan to defined contribution plan.

Vamos Unidos
Our help: Management advice.

Voices UnBroken
Our help: Strategic planning.

WE ACT for Environmental Justice
Our help: Marketing, publicity, link with CUNY.

Wellness in the Schools
Our help: Grant writing.

West Harlem Art
Our help: Board building and office space.

Women for Afghan Women
Our help: Executive coaching, organizational management, leadership.

Women's Club of the City of New York
Our help: Marketing (identity/mission focus) and "structural" issues.

Women's Media Group
Our help: Strategic planning.