Gray Matters NYC

How to Get Help From Gray Matters

Please email us at: with the following information:

  • Name of the organization
  • Who we should contact (please include name, title or function, phone number, email and website, if any)
  • A brief description of the types of assistance your organization is looking for

How the process works:

After we receive your request, a member will contact you for more information, if needed, and to let you know if your request fits within our ability to assist. If it does, your request will be presented at our next monthly meeting where members will indicate if they have the time and skills to help.

There is no set structure for our services. We work with organizations for as long as we mutually feel we can be of use, and with as many Gray Matters members as are needed to address the organizations issues. Please see Organizations We Have Helped for examples of the types of assistance we have provided other organizations.

Please understand that our members help a number of organizations at any give time, but can't help everyone. If there are no members who feel they have the time or the skills to make a meaningful contribution to your organization, we may have to pass on your request. In any case, you will hear back from us within 4 weeks.