Gray Matters NYC

About Gray Matters

What is Gray Matters?

Gray Matters is a group of seasoned professionals in or near retirement who offer their advisory services without charge to nonprofit, community-based organizations (CBOs) in the New York metropolitan area. Members use their extensive experience and skills in business, finance, real estate, law, marketing, medicine, government, public relations, architecture and education to assist CBOs in achieving their respective goals.

How did Gray Matters start?

Gray Matters was founded by the late Larry Levine, who understood that nonprofit organizations in the New York City metropolitan area can benefit from experienced advice. He also recognized a capacity and desire among colleagues and friends to devote more time to social and community activism. This led Larry to ask: How do you harness the talents of these professionals and match them with the needs of particular nonprofit organizations? His answer was Gray Matters.

Will the members of Gray Matters join a board or donate money?

Members of Gray Matters do not fundraise nor do they expect to join boards. They will, however, assist in planning for and structuring a development effort. Sometimes, while engaged in a project, the members of the team will attend events and make contributions, but this is entirely discretionary and not one of the purposes of Gray Matters.